Find a U-Haul Rental Location in Cedar Rapids, IA

Visit Ryan's Repair CR for pickups and dropoffs

Are you moving into a new home? You'll need to rent a truck big enough to safely transport all of your belongings. That's where Ryan's Repair CR comes in. We're a convenient U-Haul rental location in the Cedar Rapids, IA area.

Whether you need to pick up or drop off a rental truck, we're your go-to destination. Plus, you can purchase boxes and packing supplies or rent a packing pad from us. Discover what we offer at our moving truck rental location by calling 319-438-2169 now.

What size truck do you need?

Don't stress about finding a truck big enough for your needs. Our moving truck rental location has trucks of all sizes available, including...

  • 10-foot trucks
  • 15-foot trucks
  • 17-foot trucks
  • 20-foot trucks
  • 26-foot trucks

You'll be able to find the right size truck to make your move as easy as possible. Visit our U-Haul rental location today to see your options in person.